Where to Spend BTC

Places in Singapore Where You Can Spend Your Cryptocurrency Assets and Grow Your Business as Well

Calling all Crypto Tourists and Enthusiasts!

LikeMeetWork is the first co-working office in the world to accept Bitcoin (BTC) as payment.

Bitcoin (BTC) has become the pinnacle of the crypto currency world. It is one of the decentralised currency, i.e., without a central bank or a single authoriser of currency. BTC has a market value of US$135.2 billion dollars (as at 25 Oct 2019 CoinMarketCap). That is about 65.6% of the total market capitalisation of all the cryptocurrencies in the world, making it the top most market valued cryptocurrency asset.

In 2018, Singapore is World ranked second for 511 ICO projects incorporated in Singapore and ranked third for raising USD 2.259 billion dollars.(Source: ICOBench)

Singapore being one of the freest economies in the world has recently been ranked World’s Most Competitive Economies by the World Economic Forum, Oct 2019. https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6590805556959772674

Singapore boosts many use cases for cryptocurrency, e.g., Asia’s first public bitcoin vending machine, LikeMeetWork – Innovation Lab and CoWorking Space is the world’s first co-working office that accepts BTC as payment.

Singapore has many merchants that are willing to accept an array of cryptocurrency assets as a mode of payment. I have compiled a list of these places where you can spend your cryptocurrency:

  1. LikeMeetWork – Innovation Lab and Eco-Friendly WorkSpace
  2. KOPITech Food Court, Funan the IT Mall
  3. SK Jewellery
  4. XX simplicity: Clothing, accessories
  5. TOPOS design studio: Architecture and Design firm
  6. TIOMAN Ferry Tickets
  7. Squash Passion
  8. Shiok Kitchen
  9. Sarnies Cafe
  10. Artisrty Cafe
  11. Ducatis Cafe
  12. Organic7days
  13. New Green Pasture Cafe
  14. InternetQ: Social media marketing platform
  15. Hospoda: Micro Brewery
  16. Games Garage: Gaming Centre.
  17. Epic Gear: Gaming and Entertainment
  18. Interior Signature Studio
  19. … more to come

This list is accurate as at 3 Jan 2020. If you want to add/remove your place to our listing. Please do write to Enquiries@LikeMeetWork.com

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