Business Continuity Centre

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Business Continuity Centre

LikeMeetWork is a designated Business Continuity Worksite Centre

At LikeMeetWork, our modern and chic business offices meet Monetary Authority of Singapore’s (MAS) strict compliance to operate as a business premise for financial entity. If your company wishes to conduct regulated fund management activities under the Securities and Futures Act (SFA) , it must be registered with MAS or hold a capital markets services (CMS) licence to operate either as a:

    1. Registered fund management company (RFMC); or
    2. Licensed fund management company (LFMC). Managers of venture capital funds may also apply to operate under the venture capital fund manager (VCFM) regime.

Essential Business Facilities
LikeMeetWork is fully equipped with the essential facilities, e.g., warm shower, fast internet connection, segregated team meeting rooms, decentralised air-conditioning and independent air-flow and filter system, etc, to address your emergency needs in the event of any disaster,  pandemic outbreak, e.g., Ebola, MERS, SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), Corona Virus (COVID-19), etc, or any other business disruptions.

Customer Comfort and Safety
Our business premises are divided into 5 segregated zones. Our detailed planning factored in air-conditioning units to purposefully operate on a distributed and independent air filtration system. We invest heavily in our residents’ safety and comfort. LikeMeetWork and Mitsubishi Electric, a global leader in manufacturing electrical appliances, have the same business ethos which is to practice Responsible Sustainability to protect the future of our next generation. The air-conditioning units carry the highest Energy Efficiency Rating of 5 Ticks and meets the standards of the National Environmental Agency of Singapore. The system is able to remove solid contaminants at PM2.5 levels and allergens from the air, examples include

      • dust
      • dirt
      • pollen
      • mold and mold spores
      • fibres and lint, metal
      • plaster or wood particles
      • hair and animal fur
      • bacteria
      • other micro organisms

As an alternate office worksite solution, you are ensured that your business will be ongoing even when your primary worksite is unavailable due to unforeseen events. Giving you and your staff the confidence to re-establish important business functions to a fully functional level as quickly as possible. Also a definite boost to customer confidence.

The Benefits of an Alternate Worksite

In the scope of business continuity, planning for an alternate worksite is one of the biggest challenges of any company – which is why so many businesses leave it out of their plans altogether.

Consider the benefits you will miss out on if you do not have an alternate worksite:

1. Work gets done
Imagine losing your office… and yet not skipping a heart beat. If you have an alternate worksite, that is possible. Your office could be destroyed, but you will still be able to be productive, and even profitable.

2. Your employees stay calm
The human element is a big consideration in all companies. During an emergency, you want your staff to feel that your company is well prepared and that you have their interest at heart. Equipped and train them in case of a business outage. A disaster recovery plan and a physical worksite can build professional confidence and calm.

3. Your customers will be reassured
Your customers care about the services they are counting on you to deliver. During an emergency, they are not going to be invested in the address you are operating from. But they will notice if you stop functioning altogether.

4. Your company will comply with industry standards
If you have adopted a set of business continuity standards you can rest assured that your business is compliant with industry mandates. Even if you do not have regulations to adhere to, compliance with standards provides proof to stakeholders that you are running your business responsibly. It also gives you a blueprint that virtually guarantees the success of your programme, and makes it easier to execute.

5. You will have an unfair competitive advantage
Yes! If you have a strong business continuity programme, your competitors may not have one. Use that to your advantage. In today’s world, it is a differentiator to be able to respond, recover, and resume business operations should a disruption occur, making you more attractive to potential business partners and customers.

Give us a shout and we will come back to you with a no obligation quotation, or scan the QR code below to book a private tour now!

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