Meeting Room

Meeting Room

We offer the perfect space for all meeting and conference needs which accommodates up to 10 pax. We have the ideal facilities to conduct meetings, presentations, interviews, client pitches or trainings for your company.

Our fully-equipped meeting rooms make it more conducive to discuss and generate ideas than in a busy and noisy café. Catering, coffee/tea breaks, projection equipment and other services are available to ensure you have everything you need for a successful and productive meeting. Just show up and get started.

, Meeting Room, eCo-Friendly Work & Play Space
Meeting Room Malta - Up to 5 pax
, Meeting Room, eCo-Friendly Work & Play Space
Thinking Hall Conference Room - Up to 10 pax


The contents are for reference only. All plans, layouts, information, and specifications are subject to change and cannot form part of an offer or contract.

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