Responsible Sustainability

Responsible Sustainability

LikeMeetWork is Singapore’s 1st truly eco-friendly community co-working space, where global citizens come together to work, motivate and mutually support each other’s development. The “Co- working Space” is one BIG FAMILY where businesses, startup and digital nomads from different professional backgrounds come together with the intent to share and grow together.

LikeMeetWork – The first co-working office in the world to accept Bitcoin as a transaction payment.

We are Affordable, Accessible and have Ample space. Located in Prime Central Singapore, LikeMeetWork was first introduced in July 2019. Our business ethos is to help businesses to get to the next level; and to practise and promote 360-degree Responsible Sustainability.

, Responsible Sustainability, eCo-Friendly Work & Play Space

Social Sustainability

  • We ensure a safe and healthy work environment for our staff
  • We respect cross cultural and ethical values
  • We practise team work
  • We believe different cultures will help us grow exponentially
  • We have integrity and our clients and shareholders trust us
, Responsible Sustainability, eCo-Friendly Work & Play Space

Education to Young Stars

  • We believe in starting early with the younger generation, because they will be the leaders of tomorrow
  • The young stars sharpen and expand their minds through fun and educational games
  • We invite external professionals to come and share with the children so they can have the best of breed learning opportunities
, Responsible Sustainability, eCo-Friendly Work & Play Space

Environmental Sustainability

  • We are committed to be eco-friendly. We want a pollutant-free office environment
  • We practise Zero Plastic. Bring your own mug and water bottle to top up with complimentary alkaline water
  • We commit to do a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project once a year our list includes tree planting and reducing waste campaigns
  • We abide by the NEA 5 Ticks Energy Efficient Rated energy saving air-conditioners and self-shutting faucets so that we can be responsible and sustainable
  • We only use Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) approved paints which have near zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and have no lead and mercury constituents
  • We only use LED lights that are 80% more energy efficient
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