Safety Glasses

Safety Glasses with Splash Guards>


  • Certified ANSI-compliant
  • Protects eyes & face
  • Protection against COVID-19 coronavirus infection 
  • Protection against splash from saliva droplets
  • Protection against dust
  • Anti-chemical goggles
  • Anti-fog
  • Able to wear over standard spectacles and prescription glasses
  • Medical Chemistry School lab tested 
  • Adjustable size (lanyard not provided)
  • Please allow for 1 – 3 mm variance in measurement
  • Photos are for illustration purposes & may vary slightly in colour

Protective Glasses Multicolour


PGA1 – Black frame, clear lenses
PGA2 – Blue frame, clear lenses
PGA3 – Yellow frame, clear lenses
PGA4 – Red frame (limited), clear lenses
PGC5 – Clear lenses


  • INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH & SHATTER-RESISTANT – Designed to protect your eyes from high impact objects. Designed for industrial, commercial and househould duties
  • ANTI-FOG & VENTILATED – Soft & light, specially ventilated & non-tinted lenses guarantees crystal clear vision all the time
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE COMFORT STRAP – Fits all head sizes, specifically engineered for a tight, comfortable fit
  • PROTECT YOUR FACE & EYES – Perfect for lab work, chemistry, woodworking, mechanics, construction and more
  • IDEAL FOR WORK AND PLAY – Ideal for woodworking and carpentry, metal and construction, cycling, shooting or other outdoor activities in a dusty climate where you need to wear a pair of protective glasses. It has the anti-splash function and it can protect your eyes from strong impact when handling heavy objects such as grinding works, car factories and iron works, making it ideal for DIY works

Safety goggles
Protect your eyes from dust, droplets and flying debris
Clear lenses and high performance anti-fog coating ensures clear vision in almost any indoor work environment
Work under conditions such as construction, DIY projects, yardwork, shooting, lab work, woodworking, medical professionals, painting etc

  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Weight: 33 g
  • Size: (L)15 x (W)14 x (H)5.5 cm
  • Lens: HD Vision Clear Lenses
  • Features: UV Protection, Scratch-resistant, Anti-fog

For more details, please call or WhatsApp message: +65 8834 1914



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